How many photographs will we receive?

Depending on the length of your wedding coverage, you will receive between 400 - 800 final images. From an an Engagement Session, you can expect to receive about 75 final images.

When will we get to see our photographs?

Engagement photographs are delivered 2-3 weeks following your shoot. Wedding images are delivered 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.

Do your Wedding Packages include travel expenses?

All of our Wedding Packages include up to an hour's travel from downtown Durham. For weddings a bit (or a lot) farther away, my travel rate is $0.55/mile after the first 60 miles + one night of accommodations if travel is greater than 2 hours.

Do you photograph elopements?

I do (& they are among my absolute favorite types of ceremonies to capture). If you are planning an elopement, courthouse wedding, or simply an intimate + untraditional wedding ceremony, I would love to hear what you and your partner have in mind for your celebration & to create a custom package for you that will suit your unique needs.

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Yes, please! Whether you're talking about the outer banks or the other side of the world, I am there.  I'd love to hear the destination that you have chosen for your wedding & would be even more thrilled to document your beautiful celebration there.

We are a little uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of a camera all day. How can you help us?

First off, I feel you. I may be a professional at being behind the camera, but I get pretty weird when I find myself in front of one. When I am working with couples, their comfort level is a top priority. I am very calm, adaptable, and intuitive. As a photographer, I am constantly looking out for every little thing; like where the great light is hiding and if there is spinach in your teeth. But as a human, I am looking for what every individual needs: I'll ask you if you want more guidance or less, notice what works for you and what doesn't, and be there if you might need me to distract an overbearing relative. I try to be one of the gang, not to distract you from such an amazing day, and certainly not cause you any extra worry. 

Should I give you a shot list for our wedding day?

I am super thorough with coverage, but if there are any details that you would like me to pay specific attention to, I certainly want to know about them. I do ask all of my couples for a schedule of their wedding day & a complete shot list of family and group photographs that they would like captured so that I can go over it beforehand to strategize the most efficient order for making those captures.

Do you have lighting equipment that you'll set up at our wedding?

I do not bring any lighting equipment to set up at your wedding. I use natural light at often as possible & when needed, I'll use an on-camera flash. It is part of my intention as your wedding photographer to be as noninvasive as possible & not to distract from, but- if anything- enhance your celebration.

If you haven't been to our wedding venue, would you like to arrange a site visit beforehand?

I would be more than happy to do so if it would make you more comfortable, though I feel quite confident without. I am used to shooting in new spaces & do so more often than not. I like to do as much research as I can on a venue beforehand & tend to show up at least an hour earlier than schedule to scope out the surrounding area and get acquainted.

Do you have a backup plan if you become ill on the day of our wedding?

First off, I'd probably still shoot your wedding if I was on my deathbed & you might be none the wiser. In ten years, I've never missed a shoot- even though there were times that I probably should have. If you have a second shooter in your Wedding Package, they would become the main photographer and a replacement second shooter would stand in. Please rest assured that take great care of my health & that I essentially treat your wedding as if it were my own.

Do you have backup equipment in case of a malfunction?

Absolutely. I always travel with two digital bodies, four pro lenses, several camera cards, two flashes, extra batteries, & chargers. If possible, I ask my second shooters to bring backup equipment, too.

Do you touch up all of the photographs that you give us?

I take great care in my editing process & give every last one of your photographs a crazy amount of love and attention. I first choose the very best images of the day to deliver to you & from there I individually hand-edit each one. Editing includes color correcting, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, cropping, and minor retouching. 

What rights do I have to the images I receive from my Engagement Session or Wedding Day?

You have full rights to print and reprint all of your images whenever you so please. (That's the beauty of the custom USB drive!) However you may not sell your photographs for profit or publish your images without the written consent of L'amour Foto.

Can I upload my photographs to Facebook?

Totally! Facebook is great way to share your photographs with family & friends, and quite honestly, I'm honored when people do. If you upload your photographs to Facebook, photo credit is sincerely appreciated. 

Do we have to order our prints & wedding album through you?

Absolutely not! Your images are yours to print & use as you please. I am even more than happy to point you in the direction of my favorite printers & makers to order your custom keepsakes from. 

Is there something we missed? 

[ We'll get back to you in a jiffy. ]