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Hello, my name is Tammy Jean Lamoureux. I am an artist, photographer, and traveller.

It's been nearly 20 years since the afternoon when I first picked up my father's old film camera & walked around our backyard taking pictures of wildflowers. Since that day, I haven't met a wildflower or human that I didn't feel compelled to photograph + I have travelled around the United States, France, South America, and Asia doing just that. [All with that same camera hanging on my shoulder.]

When looking through my lens, I see nothing but life, beauty, and light. Every gesture, candid smile, and movement feels cinematic as I click to capture it. I am so utterly honored + grateful that my job here is to bottle up time in photographs that can be looked at again & again long after a moment has passed.

Taking portraits + documenting all of life's most important events is my favorite thing in the entire world because it allows me to constantly meet new folks, learn their stories, & translate them into tangible imagery that they can then treasure. Putting people at ease in front of the camera feels like my super power & my gift in return is that it feels darn good to give someone a portrait of themselves that they love. 

The sweetest wanderer you ever will meet. Tammy has a way of capturing pure, authentic moments on film & playing with light. Her photos are treasures.
— Jillian Rose // Owner of Blooms + Shrooms


L'amour Foto is based in Durham & proudly serves clients throughout all of North Carolina [including but not limited to: Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Asheville, + Wilmington].  If you are interested in working together beyond North Carolina, please do inquire - happy to travel!