Tips on choosing the best outfit for your child's session.


Comfort comes First.

Comfort is the most important consideration when dressing your child for their session. Choose clothing that lets them move freely, have fun, & be themselves. If your little one's sundress is restrictive or their jacket is itchy it'll be harder to get their attention and smiles during the shoot.

  • Check the weather to make sure your kiddo won't be too hot or cold in what you are planning on dressing them in.

  • Have options & be flexible - you never know when your child is going to protest the color yellow or sweaters.

  • Test out their outfit beforehand to make sure there is nothing about it that bothers them.

encourage PERSONALITY.

To get the best photographs of your child, choose an outfit that let their personality shine! If your daughter is a girly-girl, let it show with a tutu or sparkly shoes. If your son loves trains, how about a conductor hat? 

  • Dress your child in their current favorite outfit - you already know it's 'them'.

  • Choose an outfit for your child that features something special you know they'll be excited about - even if it's just a shirt that is their favorite color.

  • Let your kiddo make a few style choices of their own - perfect & polished is overrated.

Colour counts.

Clothing colour plays a big role in determining the final look & feel of your child's photographs. For example: bright colours are fun; neutrals are calming; primary colors are classic; black & white is modern; pastels are sweet.

  • Try to avoid fluorescents which can be harsh and cast a funny glow.

  • Consider the decor colours of your home if you are planning on displaying the photographs.

  • Try to avoid a lot of green clothing if your child is being photographed in nature.

Patterns + textures go far.

Patterns and textures are wonderful to think about when choosing your child's outfit.

  • Polka dots, stripes, plaids, gingham, & florals are all favorite patterns for kids.

  • Lace, denim, linen, corduroy, & cotton are fabrics look great on little ones and photograph wonderfully.

  • Fringe, ruffles, pom-poms, & smocking are great details to add texture and movement to an ensemble.

have fun with AccessoriEs.

If your little one doesn't mind them, accessories can be a great way to have some fun with their look. A huge bonus is that accessories often double as natural props during the shoot.

  • Hats, hair bows, sunglasses, bonnets, ties, suspenders, & bandanas are all fantastic accessories for kids.

  • Try to keep hair pieces for girls simple - if they are too big, they will distract from their adorable faces.

for little feet.

Keep footwear simple, fun, & functional.

  • Make sure your child's footwear makes sense for the location of their shoot.

  • Booties, leather sandals, rain boots, converse, and mary janes are all classic options for kids.

  • If it's warm or you're planning a shoot indoors, consider keeping your little one barefoot.

Other thoughts.

  • When in doubt, choosing simple + timeless pieces is best.

  • If possible, avoid dressing your child in branded clothing and graphic tees.

  • Don't feel like you need to buy a new outfit for your child's shoot - old favorites & hand-me-downs are great, too.

  • Dressing your child in meaningful pieces - like a hand-knit sweater- is an absolutely wonderful idea.