Natural, every-day prop ideas to inspire your child & family portrait session.


Fresh Flowers + Foraged greens.

Fresh flowers & flower crowns are my absolute favorite prop for little ladies. [Greenery also makes a wonderful prop for newborns!] If you would like to incorporate a beautiful floral prop into your upcoming photo session, just say so! I know some very talented florists in the Durham // Chapel Hill area & would be more than happy to communicate your needs to them so that I can arrive at your shoot with the perfect petals.


One of the great things about using books as props is that you probably already have [a bunch of] them on hand. Books are beautiful and they encourage little ones to sit still so they are perfect for capturing a few quiet moments during a shoot. Classic books like Dr. Seuss, Madeline, & Eric Carle are all lovely visually and have a timeless quality. But, whatever your child's favorite book may currently be sounds just perfect for incorporating into your shoot. 

Handmade Quilts + Knit blanketS.

For newborn sessions or cuddly family sessions at home, handmade quilts & chunky, knit blankets are the perfect natural prop. They are great for adding color & texture to your photographs [both of which are super important]. Blankets & quilts also have the ability to quickly transform a sofa or bed into a picture-perfect setting. If you would like to incorporate a lovely knit blanket into your session I do have a few on hand, too!

favorite toys.

Letting your child play with a few of their favorite toys during a shoot is an absolutely wonderful idea. Not only will a few choice toys keep them happy during their shoot, but they're a great for getting fun, candid images that really document your child's personality. If possible, keep it simple & consider aesthetics when choosing which toys to incorporate into their shoot. A stuffed brown bear, cute tea set, colorful ball, wooden blocks, or set of crayons are all great options to use as real-life props.

Photo-Worthy Foods.

Food is a beautiful & important part of life- and of family tradition- so it's actually the perfect thing to consider including in your next shoot. It's also a great way to add color, life, & meaning to your final photographs- not to mention keeping everyone happy during the shoot! Ice cream cones, watermelon slices, lollipops, popcorn, and ripe berries are all quite beautiful and fun ideas to use as props.


You can make some great backdrops for child shoots by using classic party supplies. Streamers, balloons, paper crowns, confetti, & banners can all add mega-fun color & texture to your child's portraits. If you are doing a shoot to commemorate a birthday or holiday, this is an especially wonderful idea. 


Kids do adorable things worth capturing all the time, but there is just something about a little one donned in fun accessories that seems to up the cute factor. Kids tend to interact with these clothing items, which is great for getting candid images & why I consider them natural props. Heart-shaped sunglasses, rainboots, a bowtie, or mama's floppy hat are all examples of adorable & photo-worthy accessories.

seasonal joys.

Whichever holiday or season you are planning your child's photoshoot for, there is a perfect every-day prop to portray it that you can easily pick up at a party store, grocery, or even outside. A few ideas for easy & seasonal props include: fall leaves, pine cones, easter eggs, wildflowers, pumpkins, beach balls, & homemade valentines. Feel free to get creative & consider using items you might already have lying around your own home!